Bio Brew-Quettes

Carbon Bamboo is focused on clean technology for the production of sustainable biomass for fuel. And the first in the world to suggest the process of recycling waste spent grain-BSG from the brewing industry, for the manufacture of fuel briquettes, displacing the use of fossil fuels and traditional tree sources in the process.

Cassie and Jay Lacourse have been involved in sustainable charcoal projects for many years, helping to set up projects producing charcoal from bamboo instead of trees in developing countries. When approached by the Austin Resource Recovery and Economic Department, to come up with potential ideas, to help with waste stream from the booming brewing industry they were intrigued. Where others saw waste, they saw an opportunity and set about turning a vision into a reality.

Every gallon of beer makes over half a pound of BSG; craft breweries in Texas alone produced close to 50.8 million pounds of BSG in 2014. It is highly perishable and puts a huge strain on our municipalities waste facilities. Bio Brew-Quettes is the answer to up-cycling this waste. We are in prototype stage, burning hot and clean with a new business plan to boot!