Bahfi Dickson is the manager of a small company called Bambou SoLoMo "Social Local Moderne", based in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa. He manufactures Bamboo Charcoal with the Adam retort. Once he attained the license, we helped him by consulting on production as well as branding his product. He is currently the sole producer of bamboo charcoal in his country but is hoping to start a movement. By using technology that is environmentally friendly he is making his mark and educating people around him about the benefits of bamboo charcoal.

His mission began because he saw first hand what uncontrollable deforestation stemming from the increase in demand for charcoal and firewood does in the southern forest region of his country. However, he recognized himself the large groves of untapped bamboo that were not exploited and could serve as an alternative source.

Because energy capture is possible with the retort Bafi hopes to produce biochar to fertilize farmland and produce electricity for homes. He is already successful using the retort to produce bamboo charcoal for fuel use as a local and regional product.